Santelli Geomicrobiology and Bioremediation Research Group

Rocks coated with lichens and black mineral staining
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In the Santelli Geomicrobiology lab, our research examines the interactions between minerals, metals, and microorganisms, including fungi.  We seek to understand how biomineralization, biocorrosion, and metabolic activity influence the fate and distribution of metals, nutrients, and pollutants in the environment. Our specific research objectives are driven by conducting fundamental scientific research on environmentally relevant biogeochemical processes and key elements in nature that are further influenced by anthropogenic activities, such as mining and agriculture. In addition to answering key questions on the mechanisms, metabolic pathways, and geochemical impact of mineral-microbe-metal interactions, we seek to inform and improve strategies for remediating inorganic pollutants to improve the quality and health of water and soil environments.